Q Why do you no longer offer Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate? 
Sadly Peanut Butter had to be removed from our products for now. We changed equipment when we entered our new bakery. We are not going to run Peanut Butter through our new equipment for now as we would not be able to clean the PB out. We are trying to figure out a resolution but we will not have it anytime soon. Too risky with contaminating other flavors. Thank you for understanding.

Q What flavors can I eat if I am allergic to peanuts? 
A We do share equipment for all varieties of granola. We thoroughly clean and sanitize between flavors. With the equipment being shared, we do NOT recommend eating Crazy Monkey Baking Granola for those with peanut allergies.

Q Are the products dairy free? 
A Crazy Monkey Baking Granola is processed in a facility that also processes milk.

Q Are you products Kosher? 
A No, Crazy Monkey Granola is not labeled Kosher.

Q Is your granola gluten free? 
A We do not use certified gluten free oats therefore we are not gluten free.

Q Are any of the ingredients in your products made with bioengineering? 
A None of our ingredients are made with bioengineering.

Q How much sugar is in your granola?
A Crazy Monkey Baking granola contains between 6-8 grams of sugar per serving. Daily recommendations for sugar is 36 grams for men and 24 grams for women.

Q Can I see your nutritional information?
A Clicking on individual bags of granola on our Products page will allow you to view Nutritional Information.

Q Can I see the ingredients of your granola?
A Clicking on individual bags of granola on our Products page will allow you to view the ingredients for that flavor.

Q How long does it take to process an order?
A Once we receive your order we will process the order within 48 business hours. Orders are not processed on weekends or holidays.

Q When will my order be shipped?
A We ship orders within 48-72 business hours of receiving them. Orders are not shipped on weekends or holidays.

Q Do your Free Shipping offers apply to countries outside the US? 
A Unfortunately due to the higher costs associated with shipping to destinations outside the US, we cannot offer free shipping. We will ship outside the US, but with the buyer paying shipping costs.

Q Can I use multiple discount codes or receive multiple discounts?
A We only accept one discount code per order.